Yes, I would like something. Something Else

If you (like me a few weeks ago) do not know who Natalie wood is, you should.


I think this woman might be an angel sent from the fashion powers that be to enlighten us with her heavenly raiment. But yeah, in addition to being a Grade A certified BAMF (awesomeface for the uninitiated), she almost single-handily brought indie-style to Australia’s sunny beaches and high streets. Luckily enough she’s got a ton of projects going on including Insight and her own line Something Else, but Something is what really caught my eye. An amazing and eclectic mix of fashion-forward head trips and more feasible pieces, Something is a ready-to-wear line that does not compromise. Although a little on the pricey side for this poor highschooler, I must admit that I’ve had my eye on a few choice pieces from her spring ’08 line:

Something Mystical Wolf Tee Something Acid Floral Dress

I would seriously consider pawning my first born for that dress. Ohhhh materialism, how we love you… But really, I love how Natalie’s made a blatantly 80’s inspired line without trespassing into the disturbing realms of Lycra and bubblegum pink… It’s so organic and deconstructed, without looking grunge! It’s no small wonder then, that en lieu of this unconventional dynamic Ms. Wood would not take the traditional road of  the catwalk. The presentation of Something is just as unique as the clothes themselves. Models who look more like broken porcelain dolls than people traipse around the lovingly aged post-apocalyptic dollhouse that is the Something Installation.

somethingelse4Whaaaaaaat?!? Why are you so cool Natalie Wood? Why?

Blahh, I’ve said enough. I hope you’ll check out Something and Something Else… they will rock your world!

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2 responses to “Yes, I would like something. Something Else

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  2. you can not pawn your first born for this because you have no kids… haha

    just teasing. i know what you mean 😀

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