Magic of the Magistrates!

magistrate_450x380A few days ago while aimlessly puttering around Youtube I decided to check out the NME’s channel. I watched a video interview of La Roux who spoke about the Samsung NME Radar tour she’s been headlining. Now, as much as I like La Roux her brand of eightites influenced tribal electronica has already seen enough circulation in my library. However, I was interested in another band she mentioned, one of the supporting acts of the tour: Magistrates.

Now, I’ve got to be honest. I don’t warm up to new music easily. Normally when my friend shows me a new band or I hear some new hyped tune it takes a few listens for me to really get into the music and enjoy it. Very rarely do I encounter a band that resonates with me immediately; but in the case of Magistrates, from the very first lovingly 80’s synth chords I was hooked. Magistrates do what absolutely no bands are doing at the moment, seamelessly blending the elements of soul and funk with wonderfully indie sensibilities. Imagine if Gary Numan, Purple Rain-era Prince and David Bowie had some sort of super-fly sexy love child with good taste in clothing. Hot right?

My favorite track so far is one of their demos called “Make This Work”. Mark’s incredibly funky falsetto vocals work perfectly with the frenetic drum beat, delightfully simple keyboard part, and rhythm guitar. Seriously, this song will make you want to shake your ass and jump someone. White-boy funk is tasty man!

Basically, Magistrates=pure amazingness, and as an added bonus, Damon Albarn likes them! If that doesn’t say something I don’t know what will. I pity the fool who does not go out and purchase their album whenever it comes out! Their lastFM page says their goal is “to infect the world with a dirty groove like some out of control STD.” Somehow I don’t think they’ll have a problem doing that, only I hope it won’t be STD related.

Make This Work – Magistrates


2 responses to “Magic of the Magistrates!

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  2. well you definately convinced me šŸ™‚
    ah if only i were as good a procrastinator as you I would have the time and motivation (not that I have your skills) to start a decent blog too. For now I will relish in the awesomeness of yours =)
    I am glad I helped fulfill your Natalie Wood cravings.

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