We go where eagles dare!

eagleYeahhhhh. So way back in the day, when I was young (like a year ago maybe) My awesome friend KG told me about this rumoured “super-duo” comprised of of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes and Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT fame. At the mere thought of such a monumental pairing of musical titans I was reduced to giggling hysterics. After school I rushed home, scouring the web to find some small hint of their melodious endeavours, but to no avail.

To contextualize, I was 15, MGMT were still relatively new and MEGA-tively (ignore my stupidity) cool, and the indie world was still, for me a least, a vast and unspoiled wilderness waiting for me to splash in its clear rivers and frolic through it’s poppy fields.

But that was a long time ago.

Now I’m as jaded as the rest of them; a crusty indie-music veteran frantically looking for the next new sound like a junkie looks for crack… OK maybe not crack, and maybe I’m not THAT crusty, but the point is things moved on and the mythical super-group called Blikk Fang fell from my memory into the dusty corners of the internets.

UNTIL NOW (omg I totally just turned the tables!!!1!)

There are hints of their musical endeavours… and they’re wicked sweet! The first is a cover of a Misfits song called “Where Eagles Dare” (I know Misfits + MGMT + Of Montreal = Jizz in pants moment. Notice all of the Ms? Accident? I think not!) and the second song is a ‘revamped’ version of an early MGMT song called “Just Becuz” (you may recognize it from the We (Don’t) Care EP) conspicuously renamed “Just A Little Judas Tonic”.

Now I’m not sure what will come of this Blikk Fang, but if this is any preview of what’s to come then I think that we have good cause to celebrate. Now I’ll be the first to say that this track isn’t stellar, but the important part is that Blikk Fang exists and is making music! This means that musical genius is almost guaranteed to follow! YAY!

Nupital Eagles Sharpened – Blikk Fang


4 responses to “We go where eagles dare!

  1. nice picture of an eagle! i am an eagle too. i wear talon shoe

  2. Shhoooooot…. I wish I had a talon shoe, then I could like, foot-claw people all birdlike and shit 😀

  3. !!

    Yay! you mentioned me!! whoot!! it was over a year ago that we met andrew ❤

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