Musical Brain Fuel

This is just going to be a super short post. I haven’t really found any super new music as I haven’t had time to go around trolling my usual music hideouts; what with me having exams, and this being the most important semester of my highschool career and all. However there is a little tune I’d like to share with you, whoever you have the misfortune of being.

Again it’s not new, but it is pretty darn awesome! Light Powered by Deastro is STRANGE. Imagine, if you will, renaissance fair music blended with a more subdued version of Daft Punk. If you can imagine that, then you’re almost there. It’s a really good song for me at the moment, because whenever I’m becoming study-weary (which, for the record, is like all of the time) I put on this song and it makes me feel like some sort of celestial knight of the round table about to joust a nuclear unicorn. I suppose that’s as good a place to be as any when studying Orbital Theory and the fourth Duma. So enjoy, and happy studying to you and yours.

Light Powered – Deastro


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