We all love versatility!

Yesterday I went to American Apparel and lordy-sweet-Jesus I fell in love. Not with the hot shopping attendant mind you, but with the relatively new American Apparel circle scarf! Now, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these sweet wardrobe essentials for a while now and I can’t tell you how excited I was when my friend Kasia finally convinced me to fork over my hard earned cash and I had it in my loving hands. Check this out:

This thing is amazing! Not only does it offer the oh-so-chic hooded scarf I was looking for, but it also can be worn as a skirt, several different tops, or a variety of dress styles. Right now I have the scarf in heather gray, but I’m definitely going to head back and pick up a few different colors. The hooded scarf looks great with shorts, a cool cardigan, and some kick-ass shades, giving off hints of old hollywood glamour while still loking fresh. Hurray for versatility!


2 responses to “We all love versatility!

  1. hehe your awesome friend Kasia who keeps dragging you in there because american apparel seems to have a magnetic effect on hot guys 😛
    and we definitely need to go to the one in Schwabing

    • Please… you’ve never “dragged” me into american apparel. in fact i can remember one specific occasion near the beginning of the year when you commented on how tacky you thought the store was, until of course you saw the hot guy and acted like what can only be described as a complete freak 🙂

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