Last weekend, while I was at home being useless. A few of my friends attended the Southside festival in Neuhausen ob Eck. They had fun while I had a cold, so life pretty much sucks right now. Here is my awesome friend KG’s review of the fest anyway. Enjoy (because I know you will)


When you are shaken awake on a Friday morning at 7:45 am after having gone to bed at 3 am the night before, you begin to curse what ever made you stay up so late. 4 hours and 15 minutes of sleep are just not enough. This was the beginning of this year’s Southside adventures. I was really excited because the line up looked fantastic this year. Excluding the occasional random band I had never even heard of, I was very excited to see them all. Once we arrived and after having lost several vital things including festival tickets and sleeping bags, I was thrilled at the prospect of seeing the first band on our agenda… Well not really band, simply Paolo Nutini. I personally really like his music and subsequently was more than excited to see him.  One thing is for sure: Paolo can sing; however why he does an awkward forward leaning knee bend while singing I will remain a pleasant mystery. It didn’t look comfortable and is most likely not very good for his back. Yet he consistently did it through out his whole set…. To each his own I suppose.

Next on the list where the Fleet Foxes. Sadly it began to rain before they started but when they did finally appear, ready to play bearded and all, no one really seemed to mind the rain any more.  The thing I admired most about them, besides their amazing beards and lumberjack shirts that made them appear as if they had just wandered out of the forest after having s pent months there making music and being one with nature, was their vocal precision. They never missed a note and sang in perfect harmony. It was almost like listening to angels sing. I know it’s an awkward comparison, but that is the best I can do.

Next, I nearly spazzed out when we wandered into the tent to see the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. I was in heaven when I got a spot right at the front from which I could stare adoringly at Mette and wish that I could dress like her, look like her and sing like her. In short wish I could be her. As was expected the whole entire band arrived in bizarre colors and clothes that, like always, managed to look amazing on them all and only increase my admiration for them.  And yes they not only looked smashing they played smashingly! Although Mette explained the whole band had just suffered from the flu, you never would have known. The trumpets were loud, the drums were strong and Mette voice was so powerful I was afraid she would break and could only wonder how such a tiny body could produce such a stunning voice. Their set was spectacular and I was as happy as could be.

We waited around forever for the Friendly Fires. I was so anxious to see Ed dance. No one dances like Ed. No one pulls it off like Ed and no one looks as marvelous dancing as Ed does. Oh and he can sing well too… Besides dancing the whole band was stupendous. Not to mention the hot guitarist… With each song I got more and more into it and it made me very unhappy when it was all finally over.

The best band of the festival though without a doubt was Culcha Candela. Their music is fun and happywhich only compliments their fun and happy attitues! No one works the audience like they do. The place was over crowded it was hard to move and some times hard to breath. Yet not one single person stood still. None of the other bands at the festival got a whole mass of people who were gasping for air and awkwardly pressed against total strangers to forget it and go crazy dancing.  The atmosphere they managed to create was some thing amazing and even if you do not like their music or this style of music it was so worth it.

Katy Perry played badly. I state this so bluntly because it was so.  Katy Perry can not sing to save her life. Each note she missed sent shivers of pain down my spine and I couldn’t walk fast enough to get away from her witch crackle . It was terrible. There were many other bands that played and were great live eg. The Wombats, but if I wrote about all of them you would be reading a novel and not a blog entry. The only other band to make me cringe were the Ting tings. “Shut up and let me go?” YES PLEASE. “it hurts, I told you so” Yes it does hurt….. She looked tired/old when the seen up close and I might not be one to criticize other people’s fashion choices having like no sense of style myself but her ensemble made even me want to cry and not in the ohh t his is so unique and creative way that it is too much for you to handle. But more in the I am attempting to look cool by wearing a cream colored trench coat that would be better suited on a 65 year old man….. you get my point?

Besides the odd naked drunk man covered in bbq sauce and some mullet wigs and lion costumes south side consisted mostly of beer, mud and music. We had  blast laughing with our tent neighbors while his friend had a “deine Mudda” {your mom] insult competition with a random stranger who yelled his insults from inside his tent and even more when he introduced us to his dinosaur floating ring named Kevin.

Yes South side was a good festival but next year I could do without the rain.

Thanks KG and I hope I can attend next year instead of being an antisocial geek-face.


4 responses to “Southside

  1. haha!
    I am lsitening to the Friendly fires now and I actually think they sound better live.
    I like Love sick better live than I do on CD.
    it is good on CD but just so much better live.!!

  2. I saw Paolo Nutini a couple of years ago and even though he didn’t perform his ‘knee bend’ he did seem to arch the entire time. He seems to have too much tension in his back while on stage. Strange to hear that the arching evolved into a knee bend 🙂

    Friendly Fires are animals on stage. Any review that states that Ed can’t dance are written by straight men, that man is such a hot dancer.

    Hope you get to go next year Gabrielle.

  3. If i could figure out a way to include a picture i could show you. it was truly the strangest thing i have ever seen! his back must hurt after each show he does!

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