It doesn’t seem real until…

…It happens to someone you know. I don’t pretend to know Michael Jackson, but God, he’s dead. I remember listening to Thriller everyday when my Mom would drive me to daycare, singing along with the words and badly attempting to emulate his dance moves within the confines of a safety seat. I remember trying to moonwalk in my socks in our den in Virginia. It’s weird how much he’s ingrained in our social consciousness, how he’s infiltrated it with both his eccentricity and his virtuosity, but now in the wake of his death, I realize just how important his music as to me growing up. He was one pretty cool dude.

This isn’t the best representations of his body of work, and it might not be the most appropriate, but it’s my favorite song by him. RIP Michael

Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson


One response to “It doesn’t seem real until…

  1. I can’t say I knew his music well, but he was certainly someone that would live forever. He was immortal and I’m sure his legacy will be remembered.

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