Stuff I bought

Heeeey! I’ve been at a bit of a loss the last few days as far as post ideas go, so I’ve decided just to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. A few weeks ago I bought three CDs, three very exciting CDs. Now I will review them. Creative right? Now shut up and enjoy.

The Bachelor – Patrick Wolf

I have to admit, I was pretty late getting on the Patrick Train. I had seen the video for The Magic Position a while ago, and laughed immaturely at the double-entendre its title presented, but, as per usual with new music, I was only slightly intrigued and could not bring myself to purchase the album or do further research. Hard Times, the single off of Wolf’s newest album was a completely different story. It was less whimsical and sentimental; its middle-eastern sounding violins and Wolfe’s deep Bowie-esque vocals made me want to go into battle and fight for the revolution he so fervently called for in the lyrics of the song. As such, I was curious to hear the rest of the album. I was not disappointed. This record is like a manifesto in which Patrick lays the foundation for a whole new world of harmonic possibility. It’s layered but not too busy and really well conceived, perhaps to a fault. Songs like Vulture are 80’s era are electro-odysseys, while The Bachelor, Blackdown, and Thickets are more “traditional” Wolf fare with their seamless fusion of Celtic folk and electronica.

All in all, I really enjoyed listening to this album. Despite it melodramatics, it was generally cohesive and wonderfully emotive.

Hard Times – Patrick Wolf

Purchaseworthy? I would say yes! This album is great for space cadets and cool kids alike.

True Romance – Golden Silvers

I knew absolutely NOTHING about this band when I bought the record. I’m ashamed to admit that one of the driving forces behind my purchasing this album was its pretty purple and gold cover (don’t judge). Luckily for me the music is just as (if not more) awesome as the cover art! I’m hesitant to try and describe Golden Silver’s sound as the vast majority of the descriptions I’ve read have been either wholly inaccurate or just random groupings of only partially valid genres. So, rather than make those mistakes myself, I advise you to download the track below, and judge for yourself. One thing I will say though, is that the title track True No. 9 Blues (True Romance) Is THE track of the summer for me. Period.

True No. 9 Blues (True Romance) – Golden Silvers

Purchaseworthy? The only instance in which this album would not be advisable to buy would be if you were stricken with deafness prior to entering the music store. But even then, it could make interesting wall art.

Art Brut vs. Satan – Art Brut

The thing is, I like Art Brut. Bang Bang Rock & Roll was like my favorite thing ever when it first came out. But this record fell a little bit flat for me. Eddie Argos’s normally endearingly monotonous “yell-lyrics-at-your-face-rhythmically” spoken word vocals became grating after a while. Alot of the humor that made me love their earlier work was lost as well. The songs ran together in a rather dull, forgettable way and even on the second listen, I was unable to pick out the songs that I liked best.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a “bad” album on any level. The instrumentation is on par as usual, the songs are pleasantly rocky, and the lyrics are still ironically witty. I literally cracked up while listening to The Passenger after Argos’s professed love for mass transit: “Some people hate the bus/ Not me, I can’t get enough/ Some people live in the fast lane/ Not me, I take the train.” However, three years after Bang Bang Rock & Roll, I was expecting brilliance and musical development. All I got was more of the same.

The Passenger – Art Brut

Purchaseworthy? You may enjoy this album, (emphasis on the word “may”) but if you’re in the mood for falafel, don’t feel bad for buying that instead. Falafel is much more tasty.


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