Sexy Sexy Electro

It’s been my experience that, on the whole, musicians that resemble Jesus are invariably awesome; Devendra Banhart, Jim Morrison, that one dude from Fleet Foxes, and now my friends, Sébastien Tellier. Along with his adorably messianic appearance, this guy has a track record any respectable electronista would be envious of. His latest album Sexuality was produced by none other than Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk. DAFT PUNK! He’s also worked with Tony Allen, and Mr. Oizo. TONY ALLEN! If you’re not getting the picture here, this guy has some awesome friends and ridiculous cred, and it shows in his music.

Despite his having made three studio albums and two compilations, I’ve only heard one, Sexuality, which was released in 2008. Like the title suggests, this album is all about, well, you guessed it, SEX… but not in the way your thinking you dirty pervert. As interesting as THAT may seem, this is in no way a smutty or pornographic record. Before listening to it, I always thought of electronic music as a genre only appropriate for dance parties or running, I never thought that it could be sensual or emotive. However, Mr. Tellier proved me wrong. Although a trifle contrived at times, Sexuality is soulful, romantic, and flawlessly produced. Enjoy these two tracks, and perhaps next time you decide to get it on you’ll opt for some French electro instead of Al Green, and think of me.

On second thought, don’t think of me. That would be awkward.

Look – Sébastien Tellier

La ritournelle – Sébastien Tellier


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