Ruminations of an icy night…

This is something I wrote a while ago in the form of a facebook note. As I haven’t really had time lately to make a real post, I thought the 2.5 of you who actually follow this blog might like something from me. Forgive the cynicism in both the aforementioned statement and in the coming post, I’m a 53 year old in a 17 year old’s body. Thinking back on it, seeing MGMT with A Place To Bury Strangers was awesome!

So KG wrote this review of the MGMT concert she, Anna, and I had gone to last week and it got me thinking…

I love MGMT and have done for a pretty long time. In fact I remember when I used to mention their songs and all I would get from people were confused stares and silently mouthed whaaatt?s. Anyway, this isn’t about my excellent music taste, and I’m not going to start one of those oh-so-commonplace anti-establishment indie kid tirades about how ‘I saw them first before they were sell outs and all of the rest of you are posers for liking them now that they are so cool it’s uncool’ I’m not quite that pretentious yet. But I am confused about a few things.

1. Why does everyone who goes to an MGMT concert feel the need to wear a dorky headband?

Admittedly headbands are pretty darn cool on some people (especially Andrew Vanwyngarden who looks good in pretty much anything; including, but not limited to: pink dresses, lobster hats, and war-paint), but at the concert I felt as if there was some secret MGMT fan dress code announcement and I missed the memo. Every other person was wearing one; it was like a sea of circular neon sea snakes swimming through an ocean of shiny German hair. I do not jest, it was friggin scary.

It was also a bit off-putting. I’m not one to knock people’s taste in clothing as I’m pretty fashion challenged myself, but as far as I know people wore headbands in the 60s to display their individuality, not as some emblem signifying their membership to some strange wannabe cool kid cult.

2. Why do people go to concerts and do nothing?

For a majority of the concert, our little group, like the three musketeers of fun, were the only people singing or dancing or showing any signs of life whatsoever. In fact, two headbanned girls standing next to me along the barricade simply stood there the entire concert, their expressions imperceptible, only moving to snap a picture when the lead singer came close or to grope violently at a thrown trinket.

Watching these girls I said to myself, “Why are they here? The aren’t having fun, they don’t look happy, I don’t even know if they like this music let alone know it!”

It was a sold out show full of people who didn’t seem to give a damn about the band. This is equal parts tragic and hilarious.

Maybe the concert was just the beauty pageant it seemed to be, or maybe there’s just this unspoken German etiquette of concert going that I’ve missed out on, or maybe I’m just being too critical. I don’t know. What I do know is that in spite of the soullessness of the audience, MGMT still put on a great show; complete with strange plants, scarf dancing and crystal cacti.

I guess in the end that’s all I can ask for.


5 responses to “Ruminations of an icy night…

  1. You have just described the way I feel at a lot of concerts I go to. Most of the people there have paid money for the gig, so why don’t they have fun and dance around a bit? That seems like a really tough job for lots of people. To just let go. I completely love it, letting all thing loose and just let the music take over. Thank you for writing this!

    • It’s pretty ridiculous. I don’ ever think I’ll understand the mentality of people paying NOT to have fun! Just letting lose, dancing, and enjoying the music is so amazing!

  2. Strange, I thought I had written a comment before. But I probably wrote it but moved on to other things before pressing submit (as usual).

    First of all, we all follow your blog at Neon so no matter how short Phara & I are, we don’t do halves. So you’ve got at least 3 followers instead of 2, 5 😉

    I don’t agree you have to dance like a mad(wo)man to fully appreciate it, quite the opposite. Dancing and grasping every second of the music is most definitely not always a possible combination. I’d rather just bop my head and tap my toes and focus on the music when it comes to some acts. But I see your point: there has to be some sort of appreciation, no matter how small the effort.

    The funny thing is we sometimes refer to this blog posts when we see another stuck-up bitch. Like Thursday. Blond girl who just stood there smoking her cigarette, showing no interest whatsoever, but she did make sure to be near the singer when he walked into the crowd. They’re annoying but at the same time so pathetic it’s allowed to make fun of which is probably the only good thing about them attending the concerts.

    • HAHA thanks 😀 Good to know there’s not some strange half-(wo)man out there creeping on my blog.

      And yeah, I agree with you. Flailing your arms around and dancing like a maniac isn’t usually necessary, but it just annoys me when I go to a concert and the people are either too “cool” to even look like they’re even slightly enjoying the music or when people are obviously there simply because they think the lead singer has a nice ass.

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