Stay Game (or the story of an apathetic slob)

In the summer, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m not really looking for anything to deep or sentimental or intellectual. In both my interpersonal relationships and my music I strive for pure fun and frivolousness. I need it in my break away from school. Now what I’m about to say will most likely offend, and yes, anger some people, but I’m going to say it anyway. I avoid indie music during the summer. Yes, I can hear the groans now, “How can you generalize such a diverse and rich category of music, especially when your blog is in part devoted to it?!?” and “WTF dude. There’s tons of happy indie music!”

The simple fact of the matter is, that lots of indie music takes itself WAY too seriously. In the summer, I don’t want to have to listen to something 4 times just to understand what’s going on, I don’t want to have to research cryptic nonsensical lyrics online just to figure out what the singer is saying, I don’t want amp fuzz or angst. It’s just too demanding for me as a listener. All I want is something simple, beautiful and upbeat. Something that’s sunny even if the ridiculous German weather isn’t and something I dance to. Call me stupid or crazy or a musical imbecile but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

But this post isn’t really about me. It’s about brainy music with heart and soul and sunshine. When someone describes a group as a “New York indie band” a lot of things come to mind, a lot of dark, sexy, Ramones-esque, but not particularly summery things come to mind (unless of course the band comes from Brooklyn in which case the members probably went to Wesleyan and make psychedelic/rock/pop/electro a la MGMT or Amazing Baby or Boy Crisis and are so trendy it hurts to look at them) and so, I was hesitant to listen Harlem Shakes, much preferring to opt for more traditional summer fare. Imagine my surprise at the buoyant and upbeat stylings of their South African Bubblegum inspired track Strictly Game. IT’S GREAT!!! I love it! The melody soars and the upbeat chorus of “this will be a better year” is truly uplifting. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the Shakes’ album Technicolor Heath which I intend to buy at my earliest opportunity. So if you’re depressed, or if you know someone who is depressed, or even if your not depressed, be sure to download this track. It’s sweet and intellectual and fun… kind of like Graham Coxon. And who doesn’t like Graham Coxon? I plan on marrying him one day.

Strictly Game – Harlem Shakes


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