I think I know who I am?

Well, here I am again. Hello strangers! It seems like forever since I last posted. I’ve been enjoying America far too much to brave the technological depths of WordPress. Instead I’ve been enjoying far more pleasant depths, like beaches and emerald blue swimming pools, and reconnecting with my inner American by wearing cowboy hats and eating tofu steak (try it, it exists). Speaking of America, one thing I’ve really enjoyed during my time here in the land of the brave is Satellite radio. My question is: why hasn’t this come to Europe, it’s amazing! There’s like 200 channels and one of them is devoted entirely to Elvis! ELVIS!

But I digress…


I’m here to tell you about a group I heard on XM’s brilliant alt rock station Alt Nation. They’re called Band of Skulls. Hailing from Southampton England this three piece play a wonderful mixture of post-punk alt-rock and Stones-esque blues. I was hooked after hearing the single from their recently released album (Baby Darling Doll Face Honey) whose title drips with lovable bravado: I Know What I Am. It’s catchy, has a great riff, and just makes me want to stomp around in thigh high doc martens and snarl at people. Another thing I like about Band Of Skull’s style in general is the male-female vocal trade-offs. One of the lead vocalists is an awesome Bass Mistress named Emma Richardson (which coincidentally is the name of my freshman English teacher… interesting tidbit maybe?)! Anyway, both Emma and the other lead singer/guitarist (Russel Marsden), have very complimentary voices. Alot of times when I listen to bands with both female and male lead vocals I find the switches between voices a bit jarring and unsettling. However these two have very compatible voices and the switches between vocalists are almost imperceptible and do not detract from the overall instrumentation. The album is very atmospheric, maintaining an air of rock-swagger and bluesy decadence throughout without getting gimmicky. Even the softer more acoustic tracks like Honest and Cold Fame are somehow seamlessly incorporated without seeming forced or out of place. However, the really standout tracks punctuating this wonderfully diverse and cohesive record are I Know What I Am and Blood. Both are samples of the more intense guitar driven tracks on the record, but as similar as they may be, I think they really encapsulate Band Of Skull’s sound. I’m really loving this record at the moment, and in a year with so many amazing releases I think this is a real gem.

Blood – Band Of Skulls

I Know What I Am – Band Of Skulls


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