Mid-August Melancholy

This is my least favorite time of year. The time when, as a high school student, you start to feel the little freedom and autonomy you so enjoyed over the summer vacation slowly start to slip away and fade in the foreboding shadow of the impending school year. Assignments that you carelessly avoided during June and July finally rear their ugly heads, smirking vindictively as if to say, “You procrastinated, so now I’m going to make your life hell you lazy doucheface.” Instead of going outside to enjoy the amazing weather, you sit in your sepulchral room reading enigmatic French texts on the nature of cruelty and reteaching yourself how to solve logarithmic functions, all the while cursing your misfortune. And for what? Just so you can sit through another 9 months of pointless and life draining classes and maybe get good grades, and then maybe get into a posh university which might help you achieve vocational goals which could allow you to have a “good” life… whatever that means.


Ok, well perhaps I exaggerated a little, but still, I am hella stressed out and the fact that college admissions, my IB scores, and SAT/ACT scores will be determined in the next few months is not helping matters. Which is where the delusion comes in. Yep, you heard me right, I am totally denying the fact that this semester is as important as it is. In fact I’m still pretending I’ve got weeks of glorious summer left to do stupid crap. Aiding me in my endeavors is this collection of summery songs. I hope you like them, and please, please pray for me. I need it.

Tonight’s Today – Jack Peñate
This song was on serious repeat when I first heard it. I’m not too familiar with this guy’s earlier work, so I can’t really vouch for the whole “musical transformation” thing I’ve been reading everywhere. All I know is that this song is amazingly awesome, and kind of like Chumbawamba’s “I Get Knocked Down” for the enlightened set in its energy and anthemic quality… minus the chavishness though.

Drugs in My Body – Thieves Like Us

A really fun song. Perfect soundtrack for a night of adolescent debauchery.

Good Dancers – The Sleepy Jackson
Before Luke Steele transformed into the psychedelic shaman we all love and know from Empire of the Sun, he was a member of The Sleepy Jackson. I love the dreamy warm feeling of this song; it’s rich and layered and absolutely delicious. Download NOW!

Cascade – Deluka
Sounds like Magistrates with a female vocalist, which is pointedly amazing.

So Insane – Discovery
When I heard that the singer from Ra Ra Riot and the drummer from Vampire Weekend were forming a group I was mega psyched. I wasn’t disappointed. With lyrics like “when I saw you at the discothèque/send my vibe out to you” how could you not love it?

Dressed to Digress – Boy Crisis
Continuing in the vein of songs with cheesily good lyrics is this little gem. Someone I can’t remember said that Boy Crisis is what you do when you get an Art degree at Wesleyan and your life lacks direction. I don’t know about all that, but I was sold when I heard the line “My guess is that you might bless/me with your holy water just like you were a pope baby.” Yeah, I know.

Terminally Chill – Neon Indian
The title is self-explanatory. Subdued and funky.

In A Dream – Skybox
My friend and I were singing this song all summer. It’s very MGMT-esque, but not in a bad way. I also like the weird little hiccup/yodel thing the lead singer does in the chorus. It’s fun!

Animal – Miike Snow
I don’t really understand this song, but it makes me smile.

Daylight – Matt and Kim
Possibly the most upbeat and summery song ever written. You can’t listen to it without smiling/dancing.

Vacationing People – Foreign Born
Person to Person is an amazing album to listen to, especially during this time of year. The layered vocals are particularly lovely.

Fangela – Here We Go Magic
I don’t think I’d ever been more excited for a debut that when I was waiting for the Here We Go Magic album to come out. It’s truly a masterpiece. This song might be a little subdued for a summer playlist, but I absolutely love it. Luke Temple has the voice of an angel.

Happy listening, and revel in the saticfaction that in all likelyhood your situation is infitely better than mine.


10 responses to “Mid-August Melancholy

  1. hacking mp3 overload.

    jack penate. i actually liked him originally, but his new stuff is even better. he used to be like a more guitar and male kate nash.

    fangela is okay. didnt knowck me out.

    couple of tracks from matt and kim and i cant wait to get this one. still making my mind up if i want to buy one of their albums.

    mike snow seems too hyped.

    the rrest i want to get my greedy mits on, but the damn links are ALL DEAD.

    oh and the discovery album was rubbish, except for SO Insane. which is amazing.

    • NOOOOOOO I hate technology.

      Oh well, thanks I’ll go fix it.

      I actually liked most of the discovery album, although it was kind of overproduced

      I thoroughly enjoyed Grand

      Miike snow is too hyped but I love this song, the Crookers remix is good too

    • I just checked the links, they worked for me :/

  2. woah there. its meant to be overproduced 🙂

    • Man, I realized that haha. But you know, all things in moderation. You can warp your voice with autotune and incorporate crazy loops and synth lines and crap, but it gets to a point where you lose the sincerity and vision of the project and it becomes some crazy Frankestein monster type product stemming from two guys overthinking ultimately simple songs and having WAAAY too much fun with studio equipment.

      all that said, I liked it, but then again I love kitschy stuff 🙂

  3. I LOVE that Here We Go Magic song. It’s such a beautiful song. It was put on a mixcd by a lovely friend and I’ve been listening to it over and over again today. I’ll check the other songs later too (the ones I don’t know yet), I’m pretty sure I’ll love ’em too. THANK YOU!

    • Thank you for introducing me to White Denim. They have changed my life. Seriously. My parents have actually banned me from doing my ridiculous rendition of Regina Holding Hands in the house!

  4. =D these all made me smile.
    The friend you are talking about while refering to skybox wouldn’t happen to belong to the KGB?

  5. excellent. i didn’t want to make assumptions..tehehe
    but now i know and feel special

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