Bitte, Bitte Orca

Whoa there! Hello stranger! Remember me?

So yeah, it’s been a while. I am aware comrade! However, I have ventured out of hiding briefly to tell you about a record that is absolutely amazing… And I mean that in the most loving and non-sarcastic of ways.

Now some could argue (rightfully so I might add) that any album that gets Pitchforked at 9.2 doesn’t really need much help from a fledgling bloggy-wog such as mine; especially when it comes from a relatively well established band. All of this I realize, but this is just one of those albums.

Bitte Orca slaps you in the flippin’ face in the very best of ways.

For me at least, this was one of the most immediate listens of the year. From the first disjointed and distant chords of Cannibal Resource I knew I was in for an interesting if not beautiful ride. Under the capable leadership of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Longreth, Dirty Projectors fall into musical dreamscape after musical dreamscape, each different from the preceding but somehow indeliably and colorfully linked. It’s avant-garde and interesting without the brooding pretense conventionally found in the genre.

If that wasn’t enough, this album incorporates elements of Aaliyah/Mariah style R&B, afro-pop (think jangly clean riffs and alot of uplifting choruses), as well as classical orchestration. Now, seeing all of those descriptions in a block like that on the screen might make you feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean Aaliyah and Baroque violins? WHAAAAAT? Yeah, you heard me. And the best part is it WORKS! Stillness Is The Move sounds like Mariah if she was produced by Nick Thorburn. Hah.

In summation, this album kinda makes me want to stand on a box in the middle of the street and preach the gospel of Longreth. Luckily I have this alternative vein of expression as a buffer between myself and institutionalization. I mean gosh, I could talk about this album forever, it’s just that psychotic. However, seeing as you probably have a life you intend on living, I’m going to end it here. If you want a more coherant/eloquent/intelligent recomendation and/or don’t wanna take my word for it, then you can check out the Pitchfork review. If not, you can get downloading and subsequently, get enlightened.

Useful Chamber – Dirty Projectors

Stillness Is The Move – Dirty Projectors

And on another note, anything that makes my brother dance like this, is probably amazing. Just sayin.


4 responses to “Bitte, Bitte Orca

  1. hahaha


  2. Come on! Come on! the link doesn’t work. I want to see your brother dance like a lunatic.

    • Yeah I know sorry :/ My file hosting site says I’ve exceeded the bandwidth so I’m in the process of finding another site. Bear with me.

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