So Exciting!

So when this boy informed me that Jay-Z (you know, the self proclaimed and pretty much justified Empire State Building of Hip Hop) and Luke Steele (my kooky shaman crush) would be collaborating on Jay-Z’s long awaited Blueprint III, I pretty much had a mini-seizure. I always new Jay had great taste in music, but the fact that he sought out Mr. Steele to work on his opening track is purely, a thing of beauty. The story goes that he heard Standing On The Shore on Entourage and thought that whoever made that could come up with a cool chorus for the track. Apparently Luke couldn’t get a flight out of Perth in time for them collab in the flesh, so they did this awesome trans-pacific thing where they just sent the song back and forth all super-secret 007 style. And if it wasn’t already awesome enough….

Now this partnership might have a lot of you saying “Jigga What?!”, but let me tell you that it works! It’s amazing! It’s an eargasm! Luke Steele’s dreamy and detached vocals with signature synths contrast beautifully with Jay-Z’s  hard spitting. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check it out fools, you can thank me later.

What We Talkin’ About (Feat. Luke Steele Of Empire Of The Sun) – Jay-Z


2 responses to “So Exciting!

  1. very nice song!

  2. wowowowow
    love the blend of these two, really great!

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