Fourth Dimensional Transition

As most people who know me well are aware, I am not the best authority on art. Ever since I was little I’ve always been a more verbal, auditory person. I remember my excitement in fourth grade when we were asked to do some watercolors representing “A day at the Zoo”. I eagerly assembled my brushes and paints, embarking on what I thought was to be my formative mecca to the shrine of artistic brilliance. To make a long story short, my art teacher took one look at my toils and said with the gravest of tones, “Honey I’m glad you’re expressing yourself, but I think you’re going to have to label next time.”

As such I’ve always been a little bit wary when it comes to the visual of artistic media. However, now and again I see the work of an artist that really strikes me and, despite my reticence to relive the horror of my fourth grade artistic failure, feel the need to share it with others. Drew Turner is one of those artists.

I came across his work through Kitsune Noir’s desktop wallpaper project. If you don’t already know about it, it’s really worth a perusal. Basically, the project gives great up-and-coming-artists a platform to display their work in the form of free desktop wallpapers. It’s really a great setup because not only do art-challenged morons like myself get exposed to wonderful artists that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, but it also means that my desktop looks hella-cool with minimum effort.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Drew Turner was the featured artist with this image:

I was immediately struck by the seamless integration of the image of the lion and the nebula, the color transition, and just the amazingly simple yet otherworldly quality of it. Later I checked out his website. As far as I’m concerned, this man can do no wrong. The majority of the images follow the same formula as the image above: geometric structures, an animal, and beautiful space inspired textures. Although the pieces are similar in that respect, they are in no way derivative. Each has its own animalistic intensity and feel, immediately affecting the viewer with its mystical allusions. Suffice it to say I am a Drew Turner fan.

Check out his website and you will be too. If not, then we shouldn’t hang out.


5 responses to “Fourth Dimensional Transition

  1. love the title of this post

  2. the post is ok too =P

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