Cool! Right on! Sweet!

I’ve never met a Swede I didn’t like. Seriously, it’s messed up. They’re all so blonde (well most of them), and chill, and funny! In homeroom I sit in between two Swedes and it’s kind of like being in a lovely, confusing, viking sandwich. They jabber on in their strange nordic language while I sit, bewildered but amused, annoyingly interjecting with the few random phrases they’ve tought me.

In any case I love Sweden, and now I have even more reason to love it.

Sweet Serenades is an aptly named duo from the white north, and they’re mega-cool. I got their album for review and I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole thing. When I saw that they were from Sweden, I expected to hear the kind of dirty garage-rock sound that we’ve all enjoyed from Sweden’s premier musical exports ( The Hives & Mando Diao*). It just goes to show that musical racism and stereotypes are plain old wrong. Don’t do it kids! If anything, these guys sound like a mix between the lo-fi nostalgia of Girls and the melodic-rockyness of The Strokes. The album is full of single-worthy tunes, catchy hooks and saucy vocals.

My only problem with this record has really nothing to do with the record itself. Unfortunately it’s only being released in Sweden, Germany, and Benelux (you can order off of Amazon here). Hopefully *crosses fingers* these guys will make the jump over the pond/channel to the UK and US. Untill then all my yanks and limeys out there are going to have to sit tight and enjoy this little taster.

Sweden FTW!

On My Way – Sweet Serenades

*Please don’t shoot/maim me if you’re a hardcore fan and you’re insulted I’ve grouped these two bands together. It was done purely for the purposes of convenience.


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