New Year! Get with it!

I hope everyone had fulfilling and memorable last moments of 2009. I know I did! In between dodging maverick fireworks and sharing resolutions with family I managed to have a pretty good time, considering.

So resolutions… I’m sure most of you have at least one. I have six! I won’t bore you by posting them all here, but I would like to share one of the better ones with you: buying a new pair of shoes.

Ahhh, I can hear your incredulous gasp already. “What?” you scoff, “What kind of stupid resolution is that?”

Hush you! It’s a damn good resolution and I’ll tell you why. You see, I don’t want just any shoes, I want some Toms.

These babies aren’t just cool because they’re cute and comfy, they’re also philanthropic. I kinda like to think of Toms as Keds with a conscience because for every pair you buy, a pair goes to an underprivileged child. This is awesome because, although we in the 1st world often take them for granted, shoes are important. Many kids in developing countries’ only mode of transportation is walking, oftentimes barefoot. The primary cause of death in many LEDCs are soil transmitted parasites or infections caused by lack of proper foot protection. By giving them shoes we’re allowing them to travel, play and live easier lives with diminished risk of the amputation, illness or death associated with foot-related injuries.

And it’s all legit. Toms works through internationally recognized NGOs and organized shoe drop tours to make sure that their “one for one” policy is upheld.

But all that “good will” and helping crap aside, the shoes are just cool. In addition to slip-ons, Toms have great men’s and woman’s collections comprised of offerings of Oxford and Keds style lace-ups and boots. They also have an excellent selection of vegan footwear if you’re feeling kind as well as philanthropic.

I’m ordering mine today and seriously, you should too. I can’t wait to wear these out in summer, happy in the knowledge that a kid somewhere out there is enjoying their Toms too.

Cool huh?


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