This music is not weather appropriate, but honestly, when has that ever mattered to me? The band is called Surfer Blood and their album, Astro Coast came out January 19. It’s a pretty cool way to start of the year methinks, with their upbeat jangly guitars and the pretty but slightly misplaced choral vocals.

Fun, surfy, power-balladesque, adolescent melodies with some Calypso breakdowns that have you going “WOAH!” in a good way. When it’s good guys, it’s good.

Swim (To Reach The End) – Surfer Blood

Floating Vibes – Surfer Blood


4 responses to “WinterSurfrockwut?!1

  1. I love surfer blood 😀
    Take it easy is my favorite!

  2. Looks to be one of the best indie rock records of the year.

    • Meh, I wouldn’t go far as to say that. It’s not a strong album… the first half of the LP is INFINITELY better than the rest of it. With the exception of Harmonix, everything after Take It Easy is just so, so… And plus, it’s only February 😀

  3. err Robin, you can’t declare best of 2010 until November at least. and Gabby – I was browsing Hype Machine and I saw “Absolutely Horrowshow” thats why I’m here. hehe what are the chances of that? I think Odd Blood has potential.. speaking of which – I have no idea why I am writing this here, but since we are leaving for the hague on March 12 and you were going to stay at my house that night anyway, do you want to go see yeasayer on the 11? We do have to get up early, so if you don’t want to, I get it 🙂

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