I heard this track in the background of Nylon’s coverage of Anna Sui’s Fall/Winter Collection. Whoever is behind editing the Anna Sui shows always picks the best music! I remember hearing Devendra Banhart’s Carmensita for the first time last year in their coverage of her Spring/Summer collection. It was a great moment.

Pumped Up Kicks

And so the tradition continues. Thank you Nylon and Anna Sui for always provididing me with lovely new pop music! And by new I mean ridiculously new. From my scouring of both their website and the first page of Google, it seems as if these guys don’t even have an EP out yet. However, if you’re living in L.A. (lucky bastard) and you sign up for their mailing list you can gain access to a show they’re putting on at the Viper Room this Wednesday! If you’re like me though and don’t live anywhere near the city of angels, you’ll just have to sit tight and enjoy this one track. Oh well.

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People


35 responses to “Fun!

  1. Why is this tagged Coconut Records? Is there a J. Shwartzman connection?

  2. I like it a lot, thanks man!

  3. Sounds a lot like Peter, Bjorn and John. Great find!

  4. Me likey, I think I will put it on my next podcast. Cheers.

  5. I have the privilege of living in LA and knowing Foster The People. The track is sooooo dope and I am soooooo excited for their show at The Viper Room. The band also has 2 gigs at SXSW.

    • That is so excellent! I live in Germany so I doubt I’ll get to see them for a while. But I’m sure they’ll be coming here once they’re super famous 😀

  6. Loved the post, i was wondering, how do you manage to post playable songs on your blog, i dont understand howw

    • This song is aweeesome and I’m happy to get the word out. To post a playable song (there are a couple of ways btw but this is probably the easiest) what you wanna do is first find a file hosting site (i.e. filefreak, dropbox etc.) then once you’ve signed up and whatnot you can upload your files. Then you should be able to access a URL for the file you’ve uploaded (the interfaces differ from site to site but it’s pretty straightforward) and you can just use the hyperlink function to link to the mp3. E voilà, you have playable trackz and you’re in business.

  7. oh my, this is extremely addictive!

  8. Here is the link to rsvp for one of their shows at sxsw.

  9. this is EPIC. definitely blogging about it, with my hat off to you of course.


  10. Loooooovvvveee thissss.

    link doesnt work. how can i get this??

    im desperate

  11. iTunes on OS X can’t import the mp3 file. Something wrong with the ID3 tags?

  12. check out foster’s myspace. they’ve got some amazing tracks.

  13. These guys are wonderful, have left their site up for the last hour just to listen.

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

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  16. check this out!

  17. Just wanted to say that your post here is the earliest I can find on this band and song. It’s a truly gorgeous song, and your comments on it were conveyed in a really honest way…I feel like humbly thanking you for posting this in the way you did.

  18. I got those shoes in blue a few years back ^_^
    And the song kicks ass too!

  19. Hi,
    they were here in Brisbane Australia two weeks ago and only heard them on rage (a music television program) the Friday after. But their Brilliant. P.S Kudos to the ‘Carmensita’ mention. Devendra is creatively wacky;)

  20. this track isnt new at all. tons of blogs have posted on it, to all those who are giving you first dibs credit

    its been around for over a year. we had them at our SXSW event last year solely because of this track, and it turns out they are complete spoiled pricks.

    you are officially over a year behind the curve. way to go

  21. I started listening to them a few weeks before SXSW last year because of this blog. Actually if you look at the comments above I am asking where to RSVP for the party for last years sxsw show. I saw them several times this year as well. But it is sad to hear they are spoiled pricks. I hope that is not true. They did not seem that way at SXSW this year. I did not approach them but I saw and overheard people that did.

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