Dragons R Kewl

Ahhh where to start. Well first of all Ming Long’s project has a pretty awesome name: Radiant Dragon. The name fits. This music is dreamy, layered and as colorful as it can possibly be. Frost Satellite sounds like a Disneyland boat ride (think “It’s a Small World” just not in the musical sense, thank God) on acid, like you’re floating through all of these amazing and vibrant environments with your friends and it’s relaxing and beautiful and fun all at the same time.

Seriously guys, this is the real deal. Think streams of multicolored euphony and birds of purest spun heavenmetal and so on and so forth. It’s horizon-broadening. So much music tries to do what Radiant Dragon is effortlessly doing. It’s got these really solid hooks and breakdowns that suck you into the songs, but it’s all covered in a hazy, orchestral synth gauze so it’s not exactly alt-pop or electronica, it’s just to the left of those genres levitating comfortably in its own little sphere.

Additionally the vocals are pretty buried in the mix so the emphasis here is definitely on the production and the arrangement. This is for good reason. Believe me, I’m not trying to hate on Ming Long’s vocals, but the undeniable selling point of this music is the instrumentation. If Radiant Dragon’s brand of chilled out electronic-pop is not to your taste then you can at least admire his music for its flawless composition. But then again, if this music isn’t to your taste you’re probably an idiot and we can’t be friends anymore.
Radiant Dragon – Frost Sattelite

Radiant Dragon – Preseli


One response to “Dragons R Kewl

  1. wow… listening on repeat. this is beautiful, textured higghhhs and real lows too.

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