A Sufi AND A Killer

To educate:

What is a Sufi?
One who does not separate himself from others by opinion or dogma; and who realizes the heart as the Shrine of God.

What does the Sufi desire?
To remove the false self and discover God within.

What does the Sufi teach?


What does the Sufi seek?


What does the Sufi see?

What does the Sufi give?
Love to all created things.

What does the Sufi get?

A greater power of love.

What does the Sufi find?

And lose?

Hazrat Inayat Khan

His name is Gonjasufi. He collaborates with Flying Lotus and The Gaslamp Killer. Vocally, he sounds alternatively like Devendra Banhart and Al Green. He’s a shaman. He’s a metal head. He’s whatever you want him to be and most definitely has his shit together. I’m not really sure how this album works, with influences from lo-fi shoegaze to funk to metal to electronic to wtf does that even exist genres, but it does.

This is a short post for music so immediate words just kinda cheapen it’s rampant ass-kicketry. Check it outttt.

Kowboyz & Indians – Gonjasufi

Ancestors – Gonjasufi


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