Mixcast #3: Dreaming of the South

Taking a bit of break from the LDN Chronicles to post another one of these babies as per the request of a certain friend of mine. I just got the results back from my final exams, and although I am very, VERY happy with what I’ve achieved there’s still kinda this feeling of, “Well, now what?” This mix reflects that; contentment and relief tempered with a slight melancholy. It’s all about nuance, I think.

(right click)

Track List:

1. Marchin’ In//Lo-Fi-Fnk

2. Eleanor Speaks//Oh No Ono

3. Infinite Desert//Delorean

4. Better Than Love (Jamaica Remix)//HURTS

5. So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix)//Air

6. Most Wanted//Cults

7. Walking Through That Door//Future Islands


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