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In Transit

Hallo people. This isn’t going to be a very long, drawn out or descriptive post. Right now I’m on my way to NYC to go to university. Things are really hectic, so I can’t promise I’ll be able to post again this week like I had planned, but we shall see.

Anyway, today I’m talking about a dude who I’ve loved for a long time. He’s a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia named Kurt Vile. The song I’m posting is from the Square Shells EP he released this year. This EP is much more ‘straightforward’ than his previous works, relying more on traditional folk stylings and containing almost exclusively simple guitar arrangements. Although I’m not really the biggest fan of folk, I really love Vile’s vocal quality and the sincerity of all the recordings.


I Know I Got Religion – Kurt Vile


Musical Spelunking Excursion

I original heard this track on Fader. LOVE Fader btw. Anyway, even though I’m not a huge fan of intentional re-blogs, I just gotta share this track with everyone.

Hotel Mexico are a band hailing from picturesque Kyoto, Japan. The track in question, “Its Twinkle” is literally the musical equivalent of descending into some sort of ridiculously awesome diamond cave. With it’s radiant guitar melodies, ambient bells, airy synths and more reverb than any respectable song has the right to employ, “Its Twinkle” is expansive and glittering. Just how I like it.

Its Twinkle – Hotel Mexico

The World Cup Created More than Cacophonous Vuvuzuela Noises

To preface, I present to you a question: When you think football song, what comes to mind? A scantily clad Shakira dancing vigorously perhaps? Or maybe K’Naan surrounded by various multicultural youths? Well, whatever comes to mind it is probably pseudo-triumphant, well-meaning but unavoidably cheesy outside (or, let’s be honest, maybe even within) the context of the World Cup.

I’ve been meaning to write about Manwomanchild for a while now. From the first time I heard that amazing bass line drop and the vocals that sound like Jonathan Richman if Jonathan Richman could sing in a conventional sense on “Marshall Street”, I was hooked. But as I am not the most diligent of bloggers, I failed to check my email for like 5,000 months and so, the wonderful track fell from my memory.

However, once David (who, by the way, is Manwomanchild) emailed me saying he had released a song in support of the Chilean national football team, I was keenly reminded of why his band had perpetually occupied the upper quadrant of my “next-to-blog” list. The song in question “Chile La Roja” is pretty much what all football songs should sound like. Part of the chorus is comprised of the atmospheric recitation of some of the Chilean footballer’s names and what sounds like an omnichord. Seriously people, this is good. It’s upbeat and really fun and you can definitely enjoy it being neither a Chilean nor a football fan. I say this with authority since I fall into neither of those categories.

The World Cup may be over, but it’s still nice to know that musically, something better than vuvuzuela mania was produced.

Marshall Street – Manwomanchild

Chile La Roja – Manwomanchild