What’s it going to be then, eh?

Cosmos Mariner: Destination Unknown

This blog, the product of hopeless procrastination and relentless insomnia, was conceived and is written by a 17 18 year old human of the female persuasion, that being me. Among other things I am a violinist (albeit a rather amateur one), a dystopian novel enthusiast, an American living in the super-clean-and-shiny alternate universe that is Deutschland, and a fan of all things sexy and cool.  I enjoy long walks on the beach, the occasional game of backgammon, as well as a variety of different cheeses. In spite of all those important informative tidbits, I think that the most important thing YOU need to know about ME is that I like you, I like you a lot… and no it doesn’t matter whether or not I know you, that’s irrelevant in the universal scheme of things. Namaste, keep reading, I love you, and have a horrorshow day!


6 responses to “What’s it going to be then, eh?

  1. Come on Gabrielle, tell us about yourself!
    Just wanted to say that you’ve been added to our blogroll.

    • Cool! Thanks! Yeah, I guess now that summer vacation has started I’ve run out of lame excuses for not writing an “about” section…

  2. hey gabby if you want i can totally write your about me. hehe

    I like all your clock work ornage reference. and i feel so smart because the minute i saw the heading of this entry i made the connection! whoot! IB english =D

    • HAH. You can write an about section for me, but I can’t promise I’ll use it 😀

      And go you with your clockwork self, although you shouldn’t be suprised seeing as the blog is called absolutely horrorshow 😛

  3. I am just going to add things. I like yours but apparenlty you need more about your self so you can put a little footnote at the bottom offering an outsiders perspective on you.

    well have a horrorshow day 😀
    this doesn’t belong here but my grandma taught me how to actually say that in russian and when said quickly to the untrained ear it can actually sound like horrorshow ( oh but when i say it it doesn’t sound any thing like it, only when some one who actually knows russian says it)

  4. You’re cool, and I want to have your babies.

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