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Suck it hatas!

So I was feeling pretty patriotic today. You see, I work at my Dad’s job during the summer in the Weapons of Mass Destruction department.  Today I was manning the booth of one of the presentation rooms and this dude was giving a briefing about the US of A. Supposedly a representative from each of the member states is supposed to give a presentation about his/her country in order to promote huggies and kissies and world harmony. Something along those lines. Anyway, during said dude’s presentation he expounded briefly upon the history of the U.S. and whatnot, and for some reason I just felt this strange uncharacteristic pride well up in my chest and I just wanted to put on a cowboy hat and hug the flag. Hell, Dick Cheney even began to look a little less reptilian in my mind.

WTF is this thing on my faaaaaaaace!!!

Anyway, given the circumstances, I have decided to post this song by DOM (or like, maybe ‘Dom’, I’ve seen it both ways). The Dom out of DOM has had a fucked up childhood, but he also has an awesome ear for hooks and a startling command of le omnichord. This is one of those lo-fi bands that actually could end up on the radio so, pay attention O.K?

Yes, Living in America is “facetious” and jokey, but we Americans have good senses of humor. Remember Sarah Palin? Goodness.

Living in America – DOM